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Buy passes for classes to use in our studio, live online, or recordings.

The single class covers one class on one day.  Your booking always applies to the next available class which means you can book up to 6 days in advance.

The monthly pass is valid for unlimited classes in one calendar month of your chosen type: Tantra, Yoga or Meditation.  If you buy both Tantra and Yoga then you get a discount which will be applied once they are in your cart. Every year we have a holiday when classes stop for a month.  In this case, your one month pass is valid for two calendar months: July&August.

The season pass is valid for three calendar months. The seasons are: September-November, December-February, March-May and June-August. For our more advanced classes, this is the minimum commitment. One of the seasons (June-August) includes a one-month holiday, so you only pay for two months of classes. 

The annual pass includes eleven months of classes and one holiday. Signing up for this pass entitles you to a month for free, so you only actually pay the price of ten months.

You can buy passes for the next month one week in advance; before that you will purchase the current month which allows you to watch past recordings.

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Amorous Erotic Continence (for Men)

Jun 2024

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